Yellowstone Season 6: Everything we know so far

Yellowstone Season 6: Yellowstone’s success is inevitable. CBS is reprising Yellowstone this fall, and John Dutton has never been more powerful. The series remains incredibly popular, even at a time when we haven’t seen a new Yellowstone episode since January. But should we?

Well, Yellowstone fans, I bring both good and bad news. The good news is that Yellowstone will get an official ending to season five. The bad news is that we’ll have to wait another year to see it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the final episodes are scheduled for November 2024, when we’ll see the end of the Dutton family saga. I like to watch the news with the glass half full.

Yellowstone will get a real ending! Additionally, Sheridan is also reportedly working on two more spinoffs. There’s a current story set in 2024 – which is presumably the sequel that Paramount has already teased starring Matthew McConaughey – and another prequel spinoff set in 1944. Don’t fear, Yellowstone will continue.

The series is set to continue in some form without its leading patriarch, 68-year-old actor Kevin Costner. The actor’s rumored feud with series creator Taylor Sheridan over filming schedules and contract disputes certainly didn’t help delaying the series finale. And other factors include the SAG-AFTRA strike, Costner’s divorce, the actor’s plans for his own Western film franchise (Horizon), and Sheridan’s own strike-while-the-iron-hot clips from other Paramount+ series, like Special Ops: Lioness and Lawman: Bass Reeves.

All the drama aside, die-hard Yellowstone fans have been keeping busy. Fans are so loyal that they celebrate the artists’ life achievements—and even support their various coffee endeavors. Costner reportedly has a big influence on how his character will meet his end, which fans will see in November 2024, but what happens after that?

Will There Be a Season Six of Yellowstone?

Plans for a sixth season have already been canceled in favor of an untitled sequel series starring Matthew McConaughey, as announced by Paramount. Will this series be something different entirely, or will there be a season six by another name? Several cast members have expressed interest in continuing the story, and it was also rumored that Paramount is considering bringing back some of Yellowstone’s older characters in some capacity.

According to Taste of Country, the series was also considered to add another long-lost Dutton sibling, played by Christian music star Cory Asbury. “I was considered Kayce’s long-lost brother,” he said in an Instagram Live video. “We were supposed to be in Montana for a whole year. We were ready.” Asbury was reportedly set to meet Luke Grimes and Taylor Sheridan before the off-screen drama started. You never know, Kori! Any and all prospects still feel very much up in the air.

Will there be a season 6 of Yellowstone?

No. As much as fans want to expect otherwise, Yellowstone season 6 is not happening. But that doesn’t mean that the Dutton family saga is coming to an abruptly ending. There are still six more episodes of Yellowstone season 5 that have yet to be shot. It is possible that Paramount Network may promote those episodes as Yellowstone season 6, but they are just an extension of the fifth season.

In place of a sixth season, there is a Yellowstone sequel series in the works with Sheridan and most of the Yellowstone cast. Matthew McConaughey is reportedly the top choice to headline the series. Whether McConaughey will actually sign off on it is another matter.

To date, there have been no reports that Paramount Network has closed discussions with McConaughey. And if Sheridan wants to maintain the franchise without Costner, the new show needs someone with McConaughey’s star power to hold down the fort.

Yellowstone Season 6: Everything we know so far

When will the final episodes of Yellowstone premiere?

Production is not expected to commence again until spring. And Paramount Network has already announced that new episodes of Yellowstone season 5 will resume in October 2024.

When will the Yellowstone sequel series premiere?

This could take some time, which means the spinoff’s tentative title, 2024, will probably have to change. As of February 2024, McConaughey has not officially signed on, nor have any of the returning Yellowstone cast members been revealed.

Sheridan can make script changes very quickly, but with Yellowstone’s fifth season episodes scheduled for this year’s filming schedule, production on the sequel series may not begin until spring 2025. It could premiere on Paramount Network in late 2025, or possibly even 2026 release.

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