Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly’s New movie gets release date

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly’s new film Little Wing has been given a release date on Paramount. The movie, based on the New Yorker magazine article of the same name, was announced back in April, with big names such as Reilly and Succession’s Brian Cox attached to the project.

But now Paramount+ has confirmed a release date, revealing that the film will land on the streaming platform on March 13 in the US and March 14 in the UK.

Little Wing is a coming-of-age film that follows 13-year-old Caitlyn, played by Cocaine Bear’s Brooklyn Prince, who is busy moving house after her parents’ divorce.

When Caitlyn and her best friend attempt to steal a valuable bird to help her mother (Reilly) with her financial struggles, she stumbles into the world of pigeon racing and finds herself in a truce with the bird’s owner (Cox). Forms a bond that “takes her forward to a new outlook on life”.

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly’s New movie

The platform has also released some first-look images of the main cast in action, including Caitlyn smashing a car windscreen with a baseball bat, as well as having a heart-to-heart with mother Maddie.

Director and executive producer Dean Israelite told Collider about the film: “I fell in love with the script even more than the playful pigeons; the themes resonated deeply. Themes of belonging, the effect of divorce on our main character, mental health. Related struggles teens are dealing with today.

“Homing pigeons, with their intense attraction to the same house, and the way they find their freedom taken to great heights in the race, is a perfect metaphor… and to bring to the screen “It’s a fun challenge for us.”

Last November, it was announced that Reilly was set to team up with Samuel L. Jackson for the upcoming drama Last Miles, which also stars David Strathairn, Boyd Holbrook, Theo Rossi, and Joshua Boone.

The film follows a former White House chef who prepares the last meals for death row inmates, and finds an unexpected friendship with a hunger strike inmate.

Little Wings will be released on Paramount+ on March 13th in the US and March 14th in the UK.

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